Latest version: 1.0.4

hosted by sourceforge


Wordfox has the following features
  • WordFox speaks all languages
    WordFox has panels for just by hand for easy adding special or greek characters.
    Wordfox also supports Unicode UTF-8 displaying almost every character.
  • It can open a lot of other file formats
    WordFox can open a lot of other lists including files the from other quiz/flashcard programmes with the follow extensions
    .kvtml .t2k .oh4 .pwc .backpack .ohr3 .voc and .ovr files
  • It uses open standards
    It saves in .kvtml file format which is also used in other open source Linux quiz/flashcard programmes
    like KvocTrainer and KwordQuiz.
  • Practise how You want
    You can either test yourself with multichoice questions or with open questions.
    Questions can be asked randomly or in a way you remembered from editing your list.